2018 NC Statute Guide (Book)

2018 NC Statute Guide (Web-Guide)

Is now available .

Web-Based Statute Guide

Is not up and running.  With the web-based version you’ll get the same format as the

book but added content and a direct link to the full text statute itself.  As statutes

change or added by the Legislature you get immediate updates as they become law.

The Statute Guide

Our Statute Guide is designed to make your job easier. Included in the Guide are the

relevant statutes the officer uses on a daily basis, public information, Spanish words and

phrases. Our guides are used by over 10,000 police, juvenile, and correctional officers,

company police, security agencies, state troopers, magistrates, attorneys, prosecutors

and judges.

Officers should be aware with the changing of laws and the addition of new laws by the state legislature you should be using the most current and up-to-date Statute Guide. Officers using older versions risk having charges dismissed due to out-dated information. Handing down older versions to newer officers also increases this risk. Please purchase the most up-to-date Statute Guide and destroy older versions.
Law Enforcement Officers Statute Guide

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