Law Enforcement Officers Statute Guide
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The Law Enforcement Officers Statute Guide was created in 1991 when I was a patrol officer. With my unique knowledge, street experience and skills I produced the Law Enforcement Officers Statute Guide. Designed with the patrol officer in mind to have pertinent information readily available. We receive suggestions every year from patrol officers, magistrates, attorneys, prosecutors and judges as to additional statutes and information to contain in the guide. The statute guide is updated every year from the most current legislative session at time of printing. Why purchase several different books when you can have it all in one. Each guide contains the most relevant statutes used by the street officer. We have omitted some of the statutory material that is not of use. Notes have been added after some statutes to advise the officer of additional charges or procedures that should be followed. The guides have a table of contents and separate indexes for motor vehicle and criminal law. The indexes are designed with the officer in mind. Key words are used for locating statutes. Spiral binding allows the guide to lay flat while open, freeing the officer’s hands to write the citation.