Law Enforcement Officers Statute Guide

It is our endeavor to ensure the accuracy of our statute guides; however, laws may have changed during

printing or a typographical error may occur. When this comes to our attention we post these changes on

this page.

As new statute guides are printed for the currrent year past corrections will be removed from the web site.

Officers should purchase and use the most current guide.

North Carolina Statute Guide Page 108 Codification for the statute was changed from G.S. 66-419 to G.S. 66-424.  Page 124 14-258.1 (e) Being an inmate of a local confinement facility did possess a tobacco products, as defined in G.S. 148-23.1, other than for authorized religious purposes. or did possess a mobile telephone or other wireless communications device or a component of one of those devices.) 14-258.1(f) should read 14-258(g) Please make correction in your guides.
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