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USPS & UPS Delivery Issues: I have spoken with a few local Postmasters about delayed delivery. The issue are your distribution centers holding up the mail due to Covid-19 and/or the removal of highspeed letter sorting machines or being undermanned. Expect delays in receiving your product. I have done my due diligence in getting your orders out once recieved with tracking numbers. Please use the below links to keep updated on your orders progress through the Postal Service or UPS. For the short term all orders will now include insurance. Effective Dec. 12, 2020 Some of our customers are experiencing delivery delays through the USPS. There are many reasons that could be affecting a delayed delivery. Please contact your local Post Office or UPS Center with your tracking number to determine the issue with your delivery. Link to the USPS Tracking, Link to UPS Tracking, With some Credit Card companies online orders are covered with your credit card for loss, theft or damage. Please consult with your credit card cusotmer service to see if you qualify if you order is lost, stolen or damaged. Insurance: Product that is sent Media Mail (Books) does not carry automatic insurance. Typically this is when you order 1-3 books. Product that is sent Priority Mail has an automatic $50 insurance value. Typically when the order is 5 or more books. Product sent by UPS has an automatic $100 insurance value. Hewett Enterprise, LLC reserves the right to send the orders Media Mail, First Class, USPS Priority or UPS. Any additional insurance will require an increase in postage fees both USPS or UPS if the customer wishes to cover the full amount of the order, otherwise once we have shipped the product it is out of our hands and are no longer responsible for the delivery. All orders come with either a USPS or UPS tracking numbers. If you wish insurance to cover the cost of your order you will need to call to make the order 336-480-4958. Hewett Enterprise, LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed delivery once the package is shipped.